Our Services

VALTECITALIA is a reliable raw materials sourcing partner for the Flexible Packaging converters.
Our focus is to provide business solutions to companies involved in the manufacturing and sale of Flexible Packaging materials.

Its personnel  with a strong technical background  build during  years of field experience within converters from all over the world , has the ability to supply market informations and expert know-how to manufacturers and purchasers of a whole range of speciality products, such as BOPET, BOPP, PAPERS, INKS ALU FOIL and so on…..

A world wide web of connections  with prime raw material suppliers,  together with our own converting facilities,  allow us to offer  innovative unprinted solutions to converters.

Clients benefits from our exclusive focus on FLEXIBLE PACKAGING substrates materials, processes , formats and end use applications.

The presence of  own commercial offices in many countries enable VALTEC ITALIA to handle  all the logistics matters that arise when shipping goods around the world. Customers don’t need to worry about ships and documents.

Their goal is to print and convert .
Our goal is to deliver what they are in need of.